Coopération avec le Lindeen Museeum Stuttgart

EyesOnCameroon is now working in collaboration with the Linden-Museum Stuttgart on a Project that will allow us to participate in the reflection concerning the strategies for the museum representation of culturally meaningful objects from Africa (Cameroon included ) 

The Museum has a permanent exhibition where they showcase amazing testimonies of the cultures of Africa (Cameroon included), and such exhibition will most likely be further enhanced thanks to the contributions of organizations like EyesOnCameroon: « All Cameroonian´s have to feel at home when they come visit the Museum », says Sandra Ferracuti (actual curator in charge of the Africa collections) who, together with the Linden-Museum Director, Inés de Castro, invited members of the “African Diaspora” in Stuttgart to join the ABRAC (Advisory Board for the Representation of African Collections at the Linden-Museum Stuttgart).


Karim Stone and Steve Lefang are now part of this new platform for dialogue, together with Stuttgarters who were born in other Africa countries, and their knowledge and support will contribute to enhance the museum´s potential for cultural and intercultural education.     



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